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Donations and Support

Baking for Justice will donate all proceeds to the following organizations. If you would like to contribute to them directly, simply click on their donate buttons 

The Bail Project

Cash bail is a way to incarcerate more low-income people because they generally can not afford to pay it. The Bail Project aims to combat this and mass incarceration in general by providing bail to those who need it. This is part of their larger goal of reshaping and reforming the criminal justice system. 

Act Blue (Racial Justice and Police Brutality)

Typically, Act Blue is an online donation platform for Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, or nonprofits. The specific fund we choose to donate to directly combats racial injustice by splitting the money various organizations. 


D.R.E.A.M. is a group the supports underrepresented urban youth morally and financially. Their goal is to raise a generation that is equipped to face the social and racial issues of the future with success with hopes to eradicate the growing wealth gap found in urban areas.

Support Baking for Justice

Any support and donations will help us produce higher quality products and expand our program as well. We appreciate support in any way, shape, or form. 

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