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Baking for Justice could not run without the amazing team behind it! Meet the staff who ensure delicious sweets get delivered to you and that all proceeds get sent to the Black Lives Matter movement. Thank you to all of our customers that have supported us through this journey.  We appreciate each and every one of you!




I’m a senior at Palo Alto Senior High School. I pride myself on making my desserts from scratch and with love. I’ve been baking since I was 8 years old and I've always loved it. 


Aside from baking, I am a varsity cheerleader for high school, a gymnastics coach for children, and an avid student focusing on the fields of early childhood development and psychology. 


I was inspired to start this project when I felt called upon to help support the Black Lives Matter movement. As I am considered high-risk for Covid-19, protests are not something I can safely attend in person, so Baking For Justice is my way to contribute. I made a promise to myself that I will continue to educate myself, raise awareness, and always do my best to fight for what’s right. I hope this project is something that reflects that promise. 

Aside from baking every cupcake, I also package each one. In addition, I oversee marketing and communication by responding to emails, meeting with local press, and constantly spreading the word about Baking for Justice through social media. 

Sabrina-Operations Manager


Operations Manager

I am a senior at Palo Alto High School (sko vikes!), a member of the varsity cheer team, the spirit commissioner on ASB, and part of several clubs including Sources of Strength, Mahjong, and Meditation. 


My interest in social change began when I joined the Social Justice Pathway. This program taught me the importance of creating long-term, sustainable change rather than temporary relief.     


In the future, I hope to major in public policy or business administration to bring social justice to the public and private sector. 

As Operations Manager, my main focus is on the behind-the-scenes work. My duties include developing and updating the website, creating a spreadsheet algorithm to calculate finances and quantity of cupcakes, and designing social media posts. 

Halo-Delivery Driver


Delivery Driver

I am a senior at Palo Alto High School and a varsity member of the wrestling team. I have been wrestling for over 7 years now and through this experience, have met different people all over the area. As a result of this, I have found a deeper appreciation for my community and the people in it. I am trying to do what I can to help better that group and make it accessible to everyone.  

The cause of racial justice is important to me, as it should be for everyone. I am trying to do my part in what way I can. I encourage others to do the same and support what they believe is right in whatever way possible. 

Aside from ensuring cupcakes get delivered to each customer in a timely fashion, I also assist with publicity and marketing by informing others about Baking for Justice.

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